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Posted over 4 years ago.

Im sorry its not me sueing it will be sueing and if ge had not of lied he wouldnt be in jail now im laying in a bed if my fluids so in a way it has effected me to so I am doing the recerch for him and we was wondering if this could get him back out and how to go about getting a lawyer to him to try and get him iut and to start tge claim sir he is all I have period and he has tagen care of me so well im tryin to help him thank you and god bless

Kelvin P. Green
Kelvin P. Green, General Practice Lawyer - Torrance, CA
Posted over 4 years ago.

This sounds like a parloe violation that you want to appeal. Sueing The parole officer would still not get anyone out of jail... You may want to see if there is a local attorney that will look at the merits of the case..