But the other party is trying to argue on the arbitration clause that the case should be dismissed and go to the arbitration. Defendant want this to happen because he knows that probably I won't go to AAA due to its high fees and which will be a waste of time for my suing amount which is $2,500.00

1) Is there a way that I can ask judge to give the decision even if the defendant is asking to go to AAA, as it will cost me more if I go to AAA .

The contract is only signed at the last page and this clause is on the page where there is no initials/signature as some other contract do have space in each and every page. There might be a possibility that defendant has altered the paragraph to suit his needs.
2) Can I argue on that and will it help so that I do not have to go to AAA.

3) All this is an unpaid salary case. I did the work and did not got paid half of the amount. Is there any law that protects someone to get paid rather than depending on arbitration clause?

Thanks in advance.