Well, I missed the deadline by 30 seconds, but here's my two cents:

Yes and no.

Florida adopted the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act, which stipulates that, normally, a landlord is required to rent a dwelling that is fit to be lived in. It must have working plumbing, hot water and heating, be structurally sound and have reasonable security, including working and locking doors and windows, and it must be free of pests. The landlord must also comply with local health, building, and safety codes. If the landlord has to make repairs to make the dwelling fit to live in, the landlord must pay. However, you and the landlord have the freedom to agree to a contract with virtually whatever terms you desire.

That said, you might be successful in arguing that certain repairs - like the window broken by vandals - are his burden to bear under the obligation under Florida Law for a landlord to provide safe and secure premises. As for other repairs which don't impair habitability (like your dishwasher), you will definitely have to pay the $50 to help with the repair; if that is in the lease you signed, then you agreed to it.

In other words, you will have to pay for repairs that do not impair habitability, but may not have to pay for repairs that do. Best of luck!