Brandy Ann Peeples
Brandy Ann Peeples, Litigation Lawyer - Frederick, MD
Posted about 4 years ago.

I have to say that this is an excellent answer. I'm going to "borrow" this type of response the next time someone asks me if he/she needs a lawyer.

Allen Rust Knox
Allen Rust Knox, Criminal Defense Attorney - Kennesaw, GA
Posted about 4 years ago.

It's fascinating to me how many people will hire a tax preparer to do their taxes, yet when they get charged with major criminal offenses, wonder whether they can just handle it themselves. I just watched a young man plead guilty to a marijuana charge on Friday because he said he couldn't afford a lawyer. Now he is on probation and is paying a fine, doing community service and has lost his license to drive. If he had a lawyer, he would have known that the court has a diversion program that would have saved him from being convicted and saved his license.