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Posted almost 4 years ago.

No attorney? Then why consult one? btw, been using the same lease for nearly 30 years without negative incident.

Andrew A Esposito
Andrew A Esposito, Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Westerville, OH
Posted almost 4 years ago.

Yes, no attorney can tell you the meaning of a clause or provision within your lease without reading the entire lease. We can't answer your question based on you paraphrasing the clause. Some attorneys may give you a general interpretation of a clause, but without knowing what the rest of the contract says it wouldn't be appropriate to give any type of definitive answer. If you have been using the same lease for 30 years you have a problem. The landlord tenant act (codified under ORC 5321), has been amended several times since its inception. You lease may very well not be in compliance.

I have clients that have out of date employee handbooks, policy manuals, etc all the time. They never see the need for an update until it is too late and thousands of dollars later in litigation costs.