I agree it was a stupid idea and I should have never gotten involved. The secret partner arrangement was only supposed to last for a few months, then this person was going to be a real partner with me. I was the sales, marketing and accounting 1/2 of the equation and he was the technical expert. However he decided to use my name to obtain new clients too (via email). At first I thought it was fine.... we could prospect 2x as hard... Looking back at it I should have never allowed this. When I asked him when he was going to "come out" he kept stalling. Then out of the blue he wanted to adjust percentages. Bottom line.... I don't think he ever really wanted to partner with anyone. He would have tried to do this business himself, but was too afraid to leave his job until he had proof money would roll in. Now that money is rolling in and the clients have been secured.... He has decided to move everything over to his own llc that he started two months ago. Please note this business isn't very old... everything happened in less than a year. Yet again this was a dumb idea..... My main priority is to remove myself from this madness and have this person stop using my name for his personal gain. I also would like to explore keeping the business, but won't have much left to keep if he isn't removed ASAP.