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Posted about 4 years ago.

Thank you, and I agree I should be asking his attorney, but honestly the attorney is a friend,someone I worked for years ago and hers thought this would be a simple matter so didn't charge much and hasn't gotten paid anything but the initial retainer. I recently came into the picture and told my friend I would try to find out what I could. His exact words were "you're asking a skin doctor to do brain surgery" and would prefer my brother seek other counsel.

Marco Caviglia
Marco Caviglia, Criminal Defense Attorney - Poughkeepsie, NY
Posted about 4 years ago.

Whenever a client is not comfortable or at least confident in his or her attorney, get another. I know that doesn't solve the money problem, but if there are significant things at stake (bigger assets, custody, etc) look for help from family and friends, as hard as that may be.