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Posted over 4 years ago.

The dogs owners are renters without anything! Unfortunately! They jumped the fence and attacked my husband. One pit bull had already attacked a person once and was given back to the owner because he was a city worker on the same city where dog was in the pound for biting! Unreal! That dog was put down after this bite. The other was given back to owner, since it was its first attack! City of Port Arthur! I understand my husband can't sue FedEx, but can I as his spouse?

J. Trenton Bond
J. Trenton Bond, Personal Injury Lawyer - Beaumont, TX
Posted over 4 years ago.

No, sadly, Texas law does not provide any remedy to the spouse when it comes a Worker's Compensation injury, save and except for gross negligence involving the death of an employee.

Texas Workers Compensation law is very unfavorable to the employee and their families I am sorry you are going through what I know is a hard time. You should still seek an in person consultation with an attorney may be there was something the property owner did wrong. Good Luck.