it started as a pre-trial diversion type and i was in the "pti" program but after failed drug tests in the outpatient rehab i was doing, and more time in jail I was sentenced to another rehab "halfway house" but in order they told me in order to receive this program i had to plead to regular probation instead of pti or in other words they were revoking my pti. I remember deciding not to opt out and possibly do 60 days in jail, and instead my public def. convinced me to stay and get the help. After getting kicked out of the halfway house I went back to jail, then they wanted me in a 18 month inpatient rehab but the wait was 6 months and I had to wait "in custody for bed space". I told the judge i wanted to just do my time and my offer was 14 months (started at 24). So after just one technical violation i went from looking at doing a couple months to over a year.