Gary D. Bollinger
Gary D. Bollinger, Bankruptcy Attorney - Saint Louis, MO
Posted almost 4 years ago.

I did wonder about that paralegal...

Doesn't the rendering of an opinion, "You don't need a lawyer for that..." presumes the legal issues were examined.

Allan M. Darish
Allan M. Darish, Bankruptcy Attorney - Fenton, MI
Posted almost 4 years ago.

I think Anthony may have hit the nail on the head. And while William from Simi Valley is willing to help clients reduce the fee and preps them for the 341, that seems to end up taking more time than he might typically spend with someone who has paid him to attend the 341. Out here in Michigan, if it got in front of a judge, he'd probably say if an attorney filed an appearance, he is in the case until the court lets him out. So the question becomes, did the attorney sign the petition, or was this just a mill that prepared the documents for the debtor?