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Posted over 4 years ago.

I'm just try a ask as much legal information as possible and I have a public defender And I'm getting better knowledge from more skilled attorneys then what he telling I ment everybody against me in a statement that noone can understand me and I can't understand what they'll trying to tell me Before probation I knew what rights are but after a lot of negative conduct..what right do I have if I press my rights are violated and documented and filed before probation..I guess it didnt matter because I don't have no want what me and my family,family family family wants I'm better of finding a new planet ill never see's impossible and if I do I have to give it to you or my probation

Chris J Feasel
Chris J Feasel, Criminal Defense Attorney
Posted over 4 years ago.

Yes I sounds like you'd be better off finding a new planet. Best of luck to you!