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Posted over 4 years ago.

I spoke to multiple Reading lawyers regarding this and they said the dismissed charges should be fairly easy to remove due to that fact of non conviction on said charges in each case of "withdrawn" or "dimissed". They each told me that still serving the parole for the cases have no relevence in the conviction of a charge in each case. They said thier office was actually never denied a petition for "dismissed" charges in a partial expungement. I am now more confused than ever. I felt i would be able to clear this up because the "dismissed" charges make me to appear like some "animal". Why is it unlikely for expungement of "dismissed" charges? They want to charge me $750 for both cases for this to happen. I asked on this site for guidence whether to pursue with this and now I feel their trying to take my money for nothing. Thank you Please help

James Daniel Doyle
James Daniel Doyle, Real Estate Attorney - West Chester, PA
Posted over 4 years ago.

Dear Asker,

I fully understand your concern. I stated that it is unlikely you will be "entitled" to an expungement of the dismissed charges, as is often the case with some expungements, such as those pursuant to an ARD dismissal. The District Attorney's Office will have the discretion to either grant or deny your expungement petition. If it is common in Reading to grant this type of partial expungement, then that is good news for you because a hearing will likely be unnecessary. If you have already retained counsel, then I advise you to follow their recommendation(s). I wish you the best of luck.