thank you very much for your time and advise. I know my sister did something to have me taken off as trustee and without my knowledge I don't know how. She wont talk to me and hasn't for almost 3 years. Anyone I ask about ahats going on with moms money they tell me "its going in an account". Well that don't tell me anything and I worked very hard for my inheritance, and I would like to have what is rightfully mine. I had the number to the lawyer that my other sister hired (that is suppose to be handling my moms account) but he wouldn't talk to me when i called. I am so confused and I know I need to hire a lawyer to handle this, I keep putting it off because I hate that my sister and I haven't spoke for so long and I feel like she will get in allot of trouble for how she did this. I am going to get a lawyer and I thank you for your time