If you served the 3-Day Notice solely because your tenant failed to timely pay the rent, the issue is whether you are now accepting the late payment by your tenant. Florida Statute 83.56 (5), states that if the landlord accepts rent with actual knowledge of a noncompliance by the tenant, or accepts performance by the tenant . . . . . then the landlord waives the right to terminate the rental agreement, or bring a civil action for that noncompliance, but not for any subsequent or continuing non-compliance by the tenant.

If you are not accepting the late payment, then you would need to return it immediately and make it clear that you are not accepting the late payment. Alternatively, you could accept the late payment and if your tenants again fail to timely pay another rent payment, serve them with another 3-Day Notice. I recommend that you first consult with an attorney to confirm you have not waived your right to terminate the rental agreement.