I agree with Attorney Conway. I would just add that I do not believe that sealing the court record (even if you could successfully get it sealed) would accomplish your goal of preventing anyone from knowing that a divorce had even been filed. Under the court rule cited by Mr. Conway "[a] court may not seal a court order or opinion, including an order or opinion that disposes of a motion to seal the record." In other words, there would still be a record that there was a divorce case and that it was sealed.

Although you may consider it embarrassing that your husband filed a divorce against you, it is unlikely that anyone would search for that information or know where to find it. Even if the information is discovered, the record would reflect that the action was voluntarily dismissed.

Finally, your husband might have felt pressured to file the divorce, but no one forced him to seek out a divorce attorney in the first place. Don't let him use this controversy with the attorney to distract your attention from that fact that he was contemplating divorce. Your time and energy might be better utilized if you directed it at healing the underlying problems in your marriage that precipitated this situation. I wish you the best of luck.