My first invisalign treatment was in New Jersey , I moved to Orange Park, FL. And completed the last 3 trays , I didn't come out right , then went to an insisalign dr. In Orange Park , FL. Where he said he was going to reverse the first treatment , completed a 2nd invisalign with this second dr. , it didn't work , so this dr. Put braces for 1 yrs. And my front lower teeth still are too far in and not enough room for my tongue , he wants to remove my braces next month but my lower front teeth still feel too far in and a sharpness of the teeth is very annoying. If he wants to remove the braces and be done with me and I feel treatment has so far hasn't worked , can I get him to continue the treatment until I can feel my teeth are in a place that I can be comfortable enough to live without the feeling that the teeth are not in the right torque or position.