That's interesting. The defendant's policy is very basic only shows dwelling, dwelling extension, personal property, loss of use, personal liability-damage to property of others, and medical payments to others. there is no coverage libel, slander, invasion of privacy, false arrest. there is a seepage or leakage exclusion including plumbing bath, etc. affecting walls floors, etc.. My complaint alleges breach of warranty of habitability but only for physical discomfort, no bodily injury, and resulting damage to my property is only around $350 at most. However, I have causes for a lot of intentional torts, fraud, breach of contract, breach of covenant of quiet enjoyment, IIED, invasion of privacy, civil conspiracy, and retaliatory acts and eviction amounting to much higher damages. I highly doubt her homeowners insurance would defend that. However, the landlord in the cross-complaint refers to the repairs as destruction of property and even vandalism. Because I know my facts are true and can prove them, the only thing I can think is that the landlord has filed a false insurance claim to defend from my claims but also hope to get free repairs from the insurance company for many other pending repairs on the property which are really the landlord's doing, not mine. Is this a possible scenario? Do some deviant landlords sometimes do such things?