Thank you, now i have to find one. I will not show them the device as they wanted to see it at my appointment today. I had to beg them allow me to use it, instead of putting a full cast on my arm which they said 80-90 % of the people are not helped by a cast. But that was all they could do unless it was surgery to fuse all the wrist bone together. Well using my device, I removed the cast and in 30 days I have regained the use of my wrist and hand. Now i need another 4 weeks to grow the micro vascular tissue so the bone will heal and stay that way. I have actually regrown new breast tissue on my wife's chest, because of her mastectomy for cancer took a large portion of her (about tennis ball sized) left breast. Well she regrew a whole new breast and even her milk ducts replaced themselves. The / her surgeons / doctors could not explain how she did it. I told her not to say a word about it. but her MRIs of the breast shows a healthy young breast with muscle, fat and neurological tissue had regrown its self. She is thrilled, and I re-tuned the device i built for her and used it to clear my avascular necrosis of the lunate . AKA DEAD BONE DUE TO LACK OF BLOOD FLOW. Since I have done that, maybe this might work for diabetics who are losing their feet because of no blood flow? hummm that would be awesome if it worked for that also. Can you refer me to someone in Riverside CA who might be a good patent attorney?