Thank you for that advice. I believe, when she passed 10 days ago, so did my right to her records as DPOA and Proxy. I am temporary and perm. executor and I think I need the Letter of Testamentary for records. I did go through her entire chart and based on what I read, I was disturbed and did confront the doctor, who gave a non-answer, "let's wait for neuro". I know that timing is essential and do not want to be thinking of these things now while in grief, but she deserved the best care and I worked hard to make sure she got it, and this, in the medical word, is inexcusable. I heard the doctors arguing after talking to me about the what the issue, the cardiologist in an angry tone, asked the pulmonologist “who was the anesthesiologist and how could they miss this?” I just need to know when I can get the records from the two hospitals.