Neither of us live in county B, so legally neither of us could have filed in county B.

I went to meet with the lawyer to discuss divorce. I did not have intentions to file that day. However, when the attorney told me that my wife could file that day in Livingston county and he did not know the judges there, I felt pressured and thus agreed to fill out the paperwork. If I had known about the law of residency for 10 days, I would have not filed so quickly. My wife did not have intentions of filing to my knowledge, but things were ugly. She has never made threats to file divorce, but the lawyer made it seem like it was a legitimate risk.

The papers were filed on Friday and by Monday we had decided to reconcile. The papers have not even been served and we are working on getting the case dismissed. The issue we have is that the lawyer has taked $1,500.00 of our retainer for the very minimal work done on Friday. We feel very taken advantage of and need to know what recourse we have. We plan to file a grievance with the AGC, but I don't know if that will help to get the money back.