2007 was in a dirtbike accident, In a coma and so on.
until about 2011 I was on every pain killer known.
2011 my dr refered me to pain management division.
At that time, the pain management doctor put me on a non OPIATE medicine called Tramadol, Tramadol has warnings of seizures which was never discussed with me.
I was on tramadol for about a year no problem, About a month ago I had worsening pain in the back and the dr. up'd my amount of tramadol to max dosage. A few weeks later I had a seizure.
To me it seems that a patient with previous Traumatic Brain injury should never have been given a drug such as tramadol that would help to invoke seizures, with my seizure levels being lower that the average due to TBI.

My question is, Can I sue this doctor for neglegence or something along those lines. It has only been a week but I can hardly remember peoples names and such....