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Posted over 4 years ago.

What they will do for me???
from previous experience, my lawyer didn't do anything! Judge gave me and option if I plead guilty then this or if I go to trial then something else. He insist me to plead guilty and he even couldn't reduce fines or skip probation!!!
I am confused now, if I hire a lawyer then he/she will advice me to apply and then he will follow Immigration Officer. That's the reason I wanted to know the consequences. What is the actual rules in Naturalization for this kind of offenses.
Please advice

Carmine John Giardino
Carmine John Giardino, General Practice Lawyer - San Antonio, TX
Posted over 4 years ago.

Expunge your record and then apply using an immigration lawyer. My law firm handles these types of cases and we have an immigration lawyer that could help you with the immigration issue and another lawyer that could help you expunge your record, if you qualify for an expungement.