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Posted over 4 years ago.

We think a different neighbor called animal control. Not sure. The small dog owner asked us to pay half the vet bill which we half paid half that amount so far. So we have paid a quarter of the bill to date. The neighbor will corroborate our story. I was under the understanding that since they were on the sidewak and our dog bite theirs we were liable to pay for the vet bill. My girlfriends dog has a history of being aggressive but has never injured anyone. How would you proceed from here? Thanks so much!

Laura Mcfarland-Taylor
Laura Mcfarland-Taylor, Animal Law Attorney - Bolingbrook, IL
Posted over 4 years ago.

I hope you had them sign a release stating that you would pay half of X bill and accept no further liability or claims for the incident.

Paying half would have been my next suggestion - just to keep neighborhood peace. Neighbor issues can be a big drag and, right or wrong, sometimes just settling something to keep the peace is worth the cost.

The fact that your GF's dog is known to be aggressive is a problem. Did AC make out a report? You may want to consider special training and possibly a muzzle. I have a dog that can be other dog aggressive, so I get it.

Keith G Langer
Keith G Langer, Animal Law Attorney - Wrentham, MA
Posted over 4 years ago.

By all means, follow Attorney McFarland-Taylor's advice about obtaining a signed release in exchange for the payment.