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Posted over 4 years ago.

the first arrest from 2008 is what is being refused to me because it paints the department in an awful light (complete cover up) and THAT is why i refused. they treated me like dirt for four years and the officer only arrested me because i told him i was recording. "contempt of cop", so i was told. never heard that one about the eye test sabotage though.

Richard Caro Roxin
Richard Caro Roxin, DUI / DWI Attorney - Rochester, NY
Posted over 4 years ago.

Hopefully you have the recording because it could be useful to compare what was seen/heard with what is in the officer's report regarding observations he made of you which led him to conclude you were intoxicated, possibly such as speech/balance/appearance /field sobriety test performance. Keep in mind that Avvo is a public website and potentially viewed by prosecutors and police so best for you to not discuss the specifics of your case any further here. Your best bet is to get a reputable, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney involved right away.