They don't give us enough space to explain in detail. Only get a couple hundred characters that's not my fault. I didn't invent this site. I'm a Senior Computer Consultant for 20 years. Allowing only a couple hundred characters to describe a legal issue is ludicrous so be patient with their technology, (not mine). Simply Stated. I have in the Lovely and Wonderful Southern State of Georgia. My Father died and the widow did not post a will with the court clerk yet. We wanted to see one we have not been given a legal will. However we were given a will which in the Lovely State of Georgia does not meet the basic criteria of a will. I can get into that matter but I need more characters )) Lol)). We filed with a Lovely Georgia Attorney PetitionTemporary Administrator Orders with Columbia County Probate Court. The result is to Preserve and Collect the assets. We are being refused by the Widow heir access to those assets. What INSTRUMENT can be used to COMPEL or Force the Enforcement of those orders ? Hope you saw it that time!!