I think the willful and provable perjury on both the arrest affidavit and trial is enough to show the cop is a bum. Who in their right mind would believe this story by some kids who tell a story that makes no sense not to mention the fact that the physical evidence (my injuries ) prove they are lying. Their testimony didn't convince the jury because it was such nonsense and the cops are to stupid to analyze the evidence and come to a proper conclusion. I was a bit upset when they got there and think I was arrested on a "contempt of cop type charge" for being a bit mouthy to the cop who was very rude.I dont put up with rude public servants without reminding them of their position.They said there was no injuries to the other parties but charged me with a first degree felony battery causing bodily harm and disability.WTF! How can you make that charge and then writ in your report there are NO INJURIES?!