Thank you, especially with the particuliar practice field you specialize in, your meer response is more than appreciated! I was afraid my query would be confusing, as there are a limited amount of characters allowed & the story, to make it clear & complete, is very hard to translate. If only I had just a tad more space. I had to edit & re-edit just to assure all of the facts were included, even leaving out punctuations. But again, I thank you and just a friendly FYI..I am not the type to try and sue a Dr. at the drop of a hat. I'm really doing this for 2 reasons: 1) The Dr's doing the 2nd, emergency surgery lied to me about the reason to open me back up and tried to cover up. 2) Another Dr & some research has told me that this will likely affect me the rest of my life and may call for addl surgeries, plus I risk having a bowel obstruction simply due to the amount of damage in the 1st surgery, due to adhesions caused by the clip pin left inside, tearing my internal organs/tissues with every move/breath I made. The recovery has been debilitating and still continues and assisted in my being placed on disability also. Have a blessed week & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!