Thanks for the response, you're actually right on the money. That's exactly what I'm suing for. The only issue I see, however, is whether the original suit that was brought against me (when I was the Defendant--the eviction action) can be expunged from showing up under court records. It is my understanding that court records involving forcible detainers stay in the system for a long time (if not forever), and it is a negative connotation of which would likely prevent me from renting property in the state based on landlords refusing me in their screening process upon seeing the eviction suit. If I win my current case as a Plaintiff (or settle it), do you think seeking a stipulation from the Defendants to expunge the case is a reasonable request? Alternatively, if stipulating isn't possible, have you ever heard of a situation where a tenant could petition to have an eviction record expunged from the court records?