Howard M Lewis
Howard M Lewis, Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Framingham, MA
Posted about 4 years ago.

Outstanding counsel!

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Posted about 4 years ago.

Thanks for the great answer! Is there any way to get her and her mother out of the house without looking terrible the court? We purchased the home while married, and I would really like to live there.

Mark Anthony Cohan
Mark Anthony Cohan, Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Dallas, TX
Posted about 4 years ago.

That's going to be tough as at the moment, she has the same rights to it you do. Unless she leaves willingly, it's going to take a court order to get her out and since she owns it too, you can't evict her. Since you left, it's going to be tough to establish that you should be the one to live there (at least in the short term). That could change over the course of a divorce, however.