Thank you for your reply. I am not sure how the discovery rule would apply in a psychiatric case. I did not decide that a lawsuit was warranted until sometime in the summer of 2012 when I realized how much pain the hospital caused me in mishandling my rape and silencing me. My primary concern was finding and prosecuting the rapist. A couple of weeks ago, the police department in Nashville found the man and he is now claiming that he never had sexual contact with me (even though he admitted to it the night of the rape when the nurses asked him about it). The failure of the hospital staff to perform a rape kit or medical exam has caused considerable damage to my case against the rapist since I do not have actual evidence that he sexually assaulted me, and it has basically turned into "He said, she said". Would that count as an injury being discovered and apply to the "discovery rule" or is it a moot point since I already suffered emotional damage from how the hospital handled the situation? Thank you.