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Posted over 4 years ago.

Robert no party was served prior, and the case was not pending. A lispendens was filed on 10/10/2012 a motion to show cause was filed on 10/23/2012, and I received a letter from the court on the final summary hearing on 10/27/2012. The hearing is set for 11/27/2012, and I was just served with the foreclosure papers tonight on 11/8/2012. The hearing is within 19 days. The summons that I received tonight gives me 20 days to respond..

Keith Adam Halpern
Keith Adam Halpern, Foreclosure Attorney - Tallahassee, FL
Posted over 4 years ago.

Check the docket really closely, and ensure that you have an affidavit in opposition to summary judgment (for homeowner) filed and served on the other side no less than five (5) days BEFORE the day of the Summary Judgment if such hearing is actually on the Court's Calendar. Service of Process is often an issue with these hearings. Watch closely and get an attorney now.