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Posted over 4 years ago.

R we allowed to list the doctors name and hospital?

Ryan Scott Zavodnick
Ryan Scott Zavodnick, Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA
Posted over 4 years ago.

I would recommend contacting a workers' compensation attorney directly to discuss the individual IME doctor as well as the specific facts of your case. While knowing the identity of the IME doctor can and will certainly be helpful information ahead of time it would be best if you spoke with an attorney so they can review all aspects of your case, , including the medical records from your treating doctor, so they can best advise you how to proceed and whether there are any other potential issues with your case that you should not and would not be aware of.

You should be aware that if the IME doctor agrees with you doctor that the surgery is reasonable, necessary and related to your work injury you more than likely will not receive a hard time from the insurance company, however, that is certainly not a guarantee. More importantly, if the IME doctor does not agree with your doctor, rest assured that the insurance company is going to make it a challenge for you to receive the medical treatment you need, especially without the assistance of an attorney advocating on your behalf.