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Posted over 4 years ago.

Two were ONE time recusal in 2009, the case was admin sent back to one of the judges (2012), and she wanted to hear the case. My attorney had to send up a motion to say "can you really hear this case" that was incompetence. One I discovered a personal and professional relationship with a thereapist via Facebook, I ask for him to recuse himself and he did (2012). Another recused himself reasons he would not revealed (2012). Beleive me I asked to get this moved out, nope, it's in the hands of the last judge. The issue is this has taken too much time, with unprofessional and dilatory practice of the court. I think I was just wondering if this has happenned to anyone else, I think I have my answer. Everything is backed up by a piece of paper, and 14 months later I ahve a court date, in four months. There is a small child involved. Thanks!

Patrick S Sampair
Patrick S Sampair, Child Custody Lawyer - Glendale, AZ
Posted over 4 years ago.

Good luck, I am sorry this is such a nightmare for you.