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Posted over 4 years ago.

I was her care giver and she has no other family I know she went to the funeral home and wrote down what she wanted me to have and he then he told her to give him a few days so he could get it typed up but she passed away before she could get back up there. I went and spoke with him and he remembers her telling him that she wanted to leave everything to me.

Glen Edward Ashman
Glen Edward Ashman, Wills and Living Wills Lawyer - East Point, GA
Posted over 4 years ago.

The funeral home director committed a crime and can be prosecuted for practicing law without a license. You would do others a favor by turning himn in to the state bar and local prosecutors. Caregivers are not heirs and don't inherit. Whomever is the deceased's closest relatives will inherit the deceased's estate. If the deceased owed you any money, once you find a relative and they file to administer the estate, you can make a claim for those debts.