Yes i didnt mention that first.. he asked to see his court appointed lawyer several times.. he never showed til that day.. he came to me and asked me to quickly summarize the case.. Hebthen showed me a envelope with the deal the prosecution eas offering. my boyfriend and i wete going to fight this as i think it is a pretty cut and dry case.. He pressured my bf.. and this is what my bf says happened to him.. they put him in a small closet. it was noon and he had been thete all morning and never had breakfast or anything.. he daid it was almost like torture.. they told him that if he would pmea to this a seperate and even dumber case in another county woukf both run as concuttent probation. they told him he would be out in less than 2 weeks if he cooperated. he did so and spent anotet 4 months there. the assistant davtaljed to me also since he wanted my opinion on it i told her i wanted to fight it.. she tild me that if that would happen 2 decorated officers would testify that they saw him cone out of suv with it. i tokd her if sge wanted those cops careers marred with perjury to go ahead. i expkaibed that tge police would have went for that pouch.. if they saw him with it.. almost automatically as they already had me under suspicion of dui.. which i wasnt. jyst havingan anxiety attack.. and it woukd not have come up after an hourbof getting statements and so on. i also mentioned that the police were literally right on us when we were hit. the spot that they designated us to go was occupied by the ppk of ghe other car but told to move by 3 policemen.. so .. 2 policemen also saw the accident and made sure to point out tgat it was the othef cqrs fault.. they had ran a stop sign..