Thank you for responding. The case is like this. Was in a car acvident Xmas AM. The other vehicle struck my SUV. afyer the collision me my nf and my sister ecitef the vehicle and as luck or not would habe it cops right thete within 1 min. They were parked across street. The police came nd questioned and got names etc for about an hour. When it was all over one officer reached into the sidewalk and the grass where he temoved a black velvety looking pouch.. he goes outta site then returns claiming ghete was 15 bags of cocaine or something in tbe pouch. They tild my bf it wad his. I was within reach.. actually even closer and so was my sister and a whole lotta ppl. on scene. They prosecution claims that 2 cops will testify that thry saw him putbit there ( shouldnt they have worried about that.on beginning?)... they cannot place the drugs on the vehicle or anyone.. they never evwn searvhed me or my sister afyer this.. just focused on him.. atost i say they have constructive possession.. but if pissession is 9/10 the law.. i believe the dope belongs to yo the city.. well to add on this the car that hit us wecwere told had no ibsuramce. i had a 2004 suv fully paid off with liability.. the cops.. according to later what was the insurance adjuster.. hid it grom ghen til mid march that there wee multiple small policies ob their vehicle.. so the insurance cimpany. when i finally got in touch wigh them gave me 2 gays of pain and suffering claiming it was the citys fault the police force covered it up and did not disclose that yo me..