I'm gettinag an attorney next week (hopefully). I really dont mind that the gf lives there. I don't like it and i dont like her, but my kids like her and thats whayt matters. In my petition i asked for animcrease in child support. That is the main reason he is foghting this. He doesnt want to have to pay $1200/mth in child support. I really just want stability in my kids lives, and this schedule does not provide it. The only reason it is working now is due to his sister and gf living there. His gf is nrw therefore, she can be temporary, they're not married so theres no stabiloty with her. His sister is as unstable as they come. Her kids have never spent more than ine yr in the same school or city. Omce they are gone then he will have no one to rely on anymore, and we will be back to the other schedule