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Posted over 4 years ago.

my lawyer said they "might" send me for an IME but that doesnt help me now when i cant sleep at night bc of the pain and ive seen 4 doctors... had mri that should a bulged disc which they call "mild" and some "mild" spondylosis that fact is im not trying to get out of work or any money i want to be able to play with my child i want to be able to work in the field of work i most enjoy but cant bc even tho the doc says no restrictions i know what my pain level is and what i can and cant do its not right.... hopefully the IME will be able to get me some compensation to seek another form of treatment...

Bret A. Schnitzer
Bret A. Schnitzer, Personal Injury Lawyer - Lincoln Park, MI
Posted over 4 years ago.

Oh, if you have an attorney, you should talk with them. I would discuss it with you, but you need to keep this between you and your attorney to protect your interests.