In determining whether the petitioner is sufficiently rehabilitated to warrant removal from the central registry of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders, the following factors are provided as guidance to assist the court in making its determination; to the extent the factors are applicable considering the age and circumstances of the petitioner:

(a) The nature of the registrable offense committed including the number of victims and the length of the offense history; The offenses for which the respondent was found guilty in this case are two counts of 1st Degree Child Molestation. The Affidavit of Probable cause filed in this case is attached for the courts reference. It would appear that the Respondent had only one known victim, but that the abuse occurred numerous times over a number of months.

(b) Any subsequent criminal history; The respondent does not appear to have any subsequent criminal history.

(c) The petitioner's compliance with supervision requirements; The Respondent’s compliance with parole or treatment is unknown to the State at this time. The Respondent has not provided any documents or letters from his parole officer or JRA, nor has he shown that he successfully completed sexual deviancy treatment.

(d) The length of time since the charged incident(s) occurred; It has been 10 years since the incidents occurred.

(e) Any input from community corrections officers, juvenile parole or probation officers, law enforcement, or treatment providers; Respondent has not provided any indication that he has received input from any of these sources.

(f) Participation in sex offender treatment; Respondent has shown no evidence that he participated in sex offender treatment. From the documents provided, it does not appear that he has ever admitted this offense, which would make it extremely unlikely that he could meaningfully participate in sexual deviancy therapy.

(g) Participation in other treatment and rehabilitative programs; The State is not aware of any other treatment/rehabilitative programs.

(h) The offender's stability in employment and housing; The Respondent appears to have stable housing, with his mother, but does not have stable employment.

(i) The offender’s community and personal support system; The Respondent appears to have support from his family members and family friends.

(j) Any risk assessments or evaluations prepared by a qualified professional; The Respondent has not provided a current risk assessment or evaluation.

(k) Any updated polygraph examination; The Respondent has not provided a recent polygraph examination.

(l) Any input of the victim; The state has been unable to reach the victim in this case. The State is not sure what the victim’s wishes are at this time.

(m) Any other factors the court may consider relevant.