Hi,thx for the response. This what the decree states: "That prior to the marriage of plaintiff and defendant, plaintiff understood the following: that plaintiff would begin a family; plaintiff would be the primary caretaker of the children; that plaintiff would greatly reduce plaintiff's work hours to fulfull the role as the primary caretake of the children; and that defendent would be the primary financial support of the family."
Next Section:
"That after the marriage of the plaintiff and defendant, the plaintiff discovered that defendant's understanding was complelte opposite from plaintiff's understanding"

The reason is completely untrue and by signing it would basically declare myself as a slimball without any family values. Can this ever be used against me at a future time? Is there a good enough reason that we can put down that does not morally deface one of us that will be seen as valid enough for annulment by a judge? Thanks so much for the professional advice.