I believe that as well. However, I have been told that I should get my money back from the referred attorney because she did not do much work on my case. It appears that there was some sort of disagreement between the two and I am caught up in it. I gave money to that firm in the name of the Partner, not the referred attorney. The Partner did not exhibit any of the money I submitted prior to her taking over the case as payments to her firm. In addition, in regards to the retainer, am I obligated to pay the Partner's fee although I was under agreement with the referred lawyer which was much less. Partner established a new retainer 6 days, before I fired her. Under whose contract was I engaged for most of the case? I am confused about this. In an emailed invoice by Partner, I was charged $75/hr for paralegal work and $300/hr for Partner, now in bill rendered to new attorney, paralegal cost is $150/hr and Partner is now $350/hr. Is it possible for their hourly rate to have increased along the way. I do have an invoice with a lessor rate per hour for both of them. although I was not under contractual agreement with Partner.