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Posted almost 5 years ago.

Well it has been 152 days already and the blood test still is not back yet. My next court date isnt until the end of november. An I was told by my attny that the DA's office said that if the blood comes back with any trace of my medication at all between now and my next court date I will automatically be indicted for a felony charge, which makes no sense to me. I would have had to not have taken any of my medication for at least 3 days in order for nothing to come up at all or be in my system. I take my medication as prescribed and even though I took it over 12 hours before I was even pulled over why should I automatically be indicted if any trace comes back at all? Shouldnt it go by the levels of what was in my system? Especially considering that the forensic evaluation I had done just a couple days later came back with such an incredibly favorable outcome for me and all the tests came back negative?

Lawrence A. Newman
Lawrence A. Newman, Criminal Defense Attorney - Ithaca, NY
Posted almost 5 years ago.

There is "no" level for any other drug except alcohol. All they require is the presence of one of the listed drugs and proof of impaired driving.
Every drug/medication affects people differently every day/every time dependent upon numerous factors.