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Posted almost 5 years ago.

My Sister & I are the contingent beneficiaries to the residuary. The 1st beneficiary to it died soon after he got it. The former ex~non adopted stepson that frauduently took our Dads estate from us & the 1 i'm concerned about here my Aunts estate too... He is also an attorney here in Washington state. We didn't have a prayer. My Sister & did not even get a notice of our Aunts probate hearings back when the public administrator/& bank of america as executor were suppose to of by law. We were suppose to of recieved the other 50% of the residuary yet for some reason(fraud!) the charities got our half!! I think I just figured out why though, & I just recently discovered this as of yesterday...On the order approving settlement of Will contest there's a couple of things I am concerned about, the 1st one being, the order approving settlement form lists 4 charities & then shows 5 on the final distribution papers?!! Also where it shows contestants & just under the courts heading, it shjows my unle as the 1 who is the contestant but yet on the fotrm it says it was a will contest of the charites..??!! Then where it shows those names of the charities "4" are listed & on the final distribution papers it lists 5!! Not 4 but 5!!>??>!! Do I have a right to be concerned here sir? Thnx~

Bert Z. Tigerman
Bert Z. Tigerman, Lawyer - Beverly Hills, CA
Posted almost 5 years ago.

Much too complicated to be able to respond. Apparantly there is a long histroy (including litigation) here. All that I can suggest is that you consult with probate attorney as to your rights and conserns.