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Posted almost 5 years ago.

right now my son has an attorney who has been assigned to be his guardian ad litem, but i feel that he does not care about the best intrest of the child. i feel that a social worker would be more sensitive to my sons needs and my concerns. is it possible to ask for a social worker?

Heather Renee Dyer Johnston
Heather Renee Dyer Johnston, Family Law Attorney - Peninsula, OH
Posted almost 5 years ago.

You are not permitted to request social be assigned. Each court determines who may be in the list and typically they are attorneys do that they can better represent the child and file motions if necessary. If the GAL is not competing their duties (outlined in the Ohio Rules of Superintendence 48 in Ohio) you can seek to have them removed though that is somewhat rare. Finally, you can cross examine them and question their investigation, show any bias , etc. Best wishes