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Posted over 4 years ago.

i guess you didnt understand, i have no other choice but to take action they charge me with assault to officer i go to court next week with my mother attorney who is 81 and old school dont get me wrong he been in the family for years im scared as hell my bond was five thousand to walk this is serious and i live in chicago il which has a rep for bad police misconduct just want to rise my kids and be a productive member to society wow and yes i did have or do have past

James S. Lawrence
James S. Lawrence, Criminal Defense Attorney - Clinton Township, MI
Posted over 4 years ago.

The answer is still the same. Sometimes the police actions would be lawful, sometimes not lawful. This will often depend on tiny details in the facts, and sometimes will depend on whether the judge believes the officer or you. If you are satisfied with your present lawyer, fine. If not, then hire a different one. If you have no money the judge can appoint an attorney. A defendant does not have unlimited opportunities to change attorneys, but has some opportunity to do it.