i have not been ordered a case plan or even heard about anything from the court. He simply came a month and a half ago, UA'd me, said he was going to pull my wife and childrens medical records, and talk to neighbors. Now a month and a half later he called me and asked me to get copies of my childrens medical records, and that he was going to refer me to CARE and that he will also refer my family to FIP (Family Intervention Program) and then my case will be closed. I talked to him stating that i've since quit and i'm more than happy to take any random UA's from that point foward but with my wife going to school 2x's a week and me being enrolled in online courses this just would not suite well for my family. He then recommended a daycare that DCF will refer us to that will be free.
Like I stated, we do not have any acknowledgement of anything from a court, and have not went to fill out a case plan.
How would the case go to court in front of a judge?
and what would be the process to get a court appointed attorney?