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Posted almost 5 years ago.

Really? I beat the last one because the hearing officer could see in the video that my car braked and paused before entering the intersection. For a red light camera violation, you can stop after the white stop line as long as you stop before the prolongation of lines demarcating the intersection.

David Alan Zipp
David Alan Zipp, Criminal Defense Attorney - Fox Lake, IL
Posted almost 5 years ago.

There should be a link on the ticket that will show you the alleged red light violation video. Watch the video. If you stopped like what you reported before, than by all means dial up a hearing as explained in the paperwork and argue that position.

If its questionable, well Attorney Harvatin is correct, it is nearly impossible to win. Perhaps lightening will strike twice and I hope it does for you, but the best course of action would be to change your driving habits to make a full one one-thousand, two one-thousand stop at every red light, especially those with posted cameras before proceeding.

These citations are first watched by the camera company who most likely has a retired police officer in another state looking at the video. Then before the ticket is issued to you, many local Illinois departments actually have a local officer or even the chief of the local department do a quick review and confirm that s/he sees a violation.

It is an administrative issue, not a criminal or Secretary of State issue, so you will likely have a hearing with a retired local Judge who will review the video in your presence and either concur with those who issued the ticket, or agree with your position that you did stop.

You most likely do not need an attorney to make this argument as your one experience in red light camera admin court is probably more than most attorneys have in this field in any event. Besides the only question is compliance with a straight forward law.

Super best free marginal legal advice - Extend your California style stops and count out-loud a couple of seconds and not have to deal with this local community money making system again.