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Posted almost 5 years ago.

You really suck at giving advice, please don't quit your day job. You have been giving people on here horrible advice. I hope the owners of this website take you off. Thanks for no help!!!!

Christine C McCall
Christine C McCall, Lawyer - Pasadena, CA
Posted almost 5 years ago.

As a parent who has (twice) traveled the special ed path from pre-school through college, I know that you have many serious and mandatory legal skirmishes and full-on battles ahead of you. And I know how soul-wearying and draining the process will inevitably become, long before you can see the (hopefully successful results) at the end of the special ed journey. You will inevitably come to recognize that some issues require you to seek out the services and assistance of lawyers, but many do not. Many are better handled by drawing on the skills and training and experience of others with success and skills in disciplines other than law.

Your anger at me is what shrinks call displacement, and no harm done. I rather suspect that Avvo won't fire me from my for free work here but I can weather that if it comes to it.

But, give some thought to this: you have a long challenging and difficult road ahead of you, one where the stakes are surpassingly high and critical. You are going to need -- more often than you can possibly imagine -- the good will and kindness and benefit of the doubt from others, and some of those others will be people who don't agree with you and people who will tell you things you don't want to hear. Your child and you, both, need for you to develop and bring to bear the skills and the temperament to navigate the school years in a way that maximizes the efforts that others are willing to make on your child's behalf. Flashing venom at the slightest most inconsequential provocation is a technique that will, in the long run, cost your child the extra care and effort of many who can make a real difference over the course.