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Posted almost 5 years ago.

So far all I have been offered is the standard first time DUI sentence and my attorney is advising me to accept it or pay him 10k++ to go to trial.

Amber H Lunsford
Amber H Lunsford, DUI / DWI Attorney - Sacramento, CA
Posted almost 5 years ago.

Understood. It does cost more money to have a private attorney take a case to trial because trial involves quite a bit of work. If you feel uncomfortable with this attorney, I still advise you to get someone you can work with. Depending on how much has been done on your case, you may be able to get some or most of your money back. On the other hand, if this attorney is working with you and you have no good cause to leave, I would suggest staying with your attorney. Your initial question leads me to suggest new counsel. None of us here can really advise you whether or not to accept the DA's offer, or really what approach to take vecause none of us have seen your discovery, looked at your FST's, interviewed you, taken a look at your rap, read the report or spoken with the DA to see what can be worked out. Nor should we. These are things that you will want to do in a private and confidential setting where privilege and confidentiality apply and not on a public forum that is equally accessible by prosecutors as defense attorneys.