thanks to all the attorneys who replied. im sorryi have trouble disclosing all the details because the characters i can type are me and believe me,it may not be discrimination but its all misrepresentation of facts.i felt the school only cared about making money off me and then planned to deny me after getting my loan not the only one they did this to.there's an online forum of students like me who complained that they did this the only one who spoke out.this has to stop.i worked hard 10 years of my life working as a nurse's aide before being an LPN and now im willing to go back for RN,studied my life off while working at the same time as a working student only to be denied coz of wrong information.So if you say the school is not required to tell the students what the test covers,then how will the students pass any exam without knowing what the test is on?maybe the only ones who empathize with us students are the ones who went through hardships and really worked hard all their lives and ended up with all their efforts to nothing.i wish there's one attorney who will also stand up for us students,who will fight on the right side,not because the big companies/organizations paid them to fight for the wrong things.pls fight for what is right,not just for money.give justice to the opressed which is what you originally swore an oath for.